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Hair Growth Cycle

Hair Growth Cycle Hair growth begins with the activation of the passive hair follicles by the action of hormones and physical stimuli. The hair that starts to form grows for a while. Then, the growth stops when it is exposed to a stimulant. When the growth stops, the inner sheath breaks down and the hair […]


SEBOREIC DERMATITIS It is the condition of skin rash, itching and scaling due to the increase in the dandruff problem and the acceleration of the process. Although the cause of seborrheic dermatitis is not known, it is a multifactorial disease with many factors involved in its etiology. These factors include androgens, fatigue, stress, depression, vascular […]

Scalp Sensitiviti – Sensitive Scalp

Scalp Sensitiviti – Sensitive Scalp Sensitivity is characterized by the presence of burning, stinging, redness, itching and tension sensation on the skin, including the scalp. Depending on the external factors, dried and worn skin, environmental factors (e.g. cold weather, environmental pollution) and preparations applied to the skin trigger the sensitivity. Sensitive scalp is thought to be due to […]

Thinning Hair

Thinning Hair Thinning hair is seen with advancing age. It progresses with the general hair loss and thinning of the hair for a long time and it may or may not be accompanied by hair loss. In women, the frontal hairline is usually preserved and miniaturization is not severe compared to men. These observations support […]

Hair Care at Home

Hair Care at Home Protect your hair against weather conditions We always forget that we leave our hair vulnerable to weather conditions. We know that the sun dries the hair follicles, but the wind and rain also cause our hair to become dehydrated and thus, the hair easily becomes electrified. In such cases, we can […]

Points to be Considered in Hair Care

Points to be Considered in Hair Care Even if you have healthy hair, it is important to maintain regular hair care and wash your hair properly to maintain hair health. The points that you should consider when washing your hair; – Gently comb your dry hair with a brush before washing. – Apply your shampoo […]

What causes hair loss in women and how to prevent it?

What causes hair loss in women and how to prevent it? Regardless of whether it is long or short term, women also experience hair loss like men. The hair may start to become thinner or the hair parting line may expand day by day. In fact, the top of the head may begin to open […]