Almond Hair Plus Serum | For Men


Almond hair is the hair product which everyone is talking about recently. It is much more natural and economic that hair transplantation and other artificial methods.
Results you obtain with Almond Hair serum provide more natural outcomes with respect to methods such as hair transplantation.
It enables for new hair formation at your currently dead hair follicles.In this way, you don’t go through difficult/painful processes just like in hair transplantation.
Almond Hair serum is much more economical than other methods applied by men being faced with the problem of becoming bald.
– Almond hair Plus Serum; is a scalp and hair care product consisting of plant extracts, herbal oils, vitamins. It helps to nourish the hair follicles that have been fallen and thinned. It is a product that allows you to have healthier and more lively hair.

– Serum is presented in 50ML bottles with dropper tube.
It gives effective results in regular and periodic uses. We recommend our clients to use it at least 3 months regularly to see the best results.