Growth Guarantee

We have great confidence in our products.
That means if you don’t get results
you will get your money back! Almond Hair

Growing a hair is a process, and it doesn’t happen overnight. Hair growth may differ from person to person. Some react more effectively to the active ingredients, while others are slower gainers.

If you have used our products as recommended and for 150 days, you are eligible for our Growth Guarantee. Almond Hair

Claim The Growth Guarantee

Did you follow the guidelines explained above for 90 days and didn’t get results?
Then you should be eligible for The Growth Guarantee. Get your growth story ready and hit the claim-now button below. Almond Hair

Step 1: Use the Hair Growth Kit for a minimum of 90 days

Step 2: Remember to take monthly photos to track your progress

Step 3: You haven't achieved any results? Click “Claim guarantee” and wait for an email confirmation

Step 4: Return your products and get your money back

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