Sensitive and Dry Scalp, Symptoms of Sensitive Scalp

Sensitive and Dry Scalp

People with sensitive scalp may experience dryness, itching, exfoliation, and infection. There may be many factors that cause the scalp to become sensitive. Some small but important changes in daily hair care can create very beneficial results for individuals with a sensitive scalp. Almond Hair

Symptoms of sensitive scalp

Itching, tension, and pain in the hair follicles are the symptoms of scalp sensitivity. Almond Hair

Like our face and body, our scalp can also become sensitive, which manifests itself with itching. In addition to itching, the sensation of dryness in the scalp and pain in cases of contact with the scalp can be seen.

Sensitive scalp is an incurable condition that needs to be kept under control. In addition; Almond Hair

  • Eating properly and adequately
  • Avoiding stress
  • Applying a special massage considering the sensitivity of the scalp
  • Not tying up your hair tightly
  • Protecting the scalp from the sun Wearing a hat or bandana when exposed to the sun

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