The Hair Growth Serum | For Men
The Hair Growth Serum | For Men
The Hair Growth Serum | For Men
The Hair Growth Serum | For Men
The Hair Growth Serum | For Men
The Hair Growth Serum | For Men
The Hair Growth Serum | For Men

The Hair Growth Serum | For Men

REGROWTH FOR EVEN 100% BALD HEAD - Almond Hair products are strong enough to regrow hair even for people that lost all of their hair!

NO MORE HAIR TRANSPLANTATION - No need for expensive and painful processes like hair transplantation by new hair formation at dead hair follicles

PROMOTES THICK HAIR - Almond supplement works to promote improved density, thick hair regrowth and fullness in existing hair

COMBATS HAIR LOSS - Men and women users of Almond typically see visibly improved hair grow and regrowth along with a reduction in hair loss

Almond hair is the hair product which everyone is talking about recently. It is much more natural and economic that hair transplantation and other artificial methods.

Results you obtain with Almond Hair serum provide more natural outcomes with respect to methods such as hair transplantation.

It enables for new hair formation at your currently dead hair follicles.In this way, you don’t go through difficult/painful processes just like in hair transplantation.

Almond Hair serum is much more economical than other methods applied by men being faced with the problem of becoming bald.

Almond hair Plus Serum; is a scalp and hair care product consisting of plant extracts, herbal oils, vitamins. It helps to nourish the hair follicles that have been fallen and thinned. It is a product that allows you to have healthier and more lively hair.

Serum is presented in 50ML bottles with dropper tube.
It gives effective results in regular and periodic uses. We recommend our clients to use it at least 3 months regularly to see the best results.

Before & After

Some of our awesome experimenters , shared their Improvement with us after they saw results using our Hair Growth Kit.

6 Weeks

8 Weeks

5 Weeks


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Clinical Study Results

The Hair Growth Kit exhibited effectiveness in stimulating new hair growth and inhibiting future hair loss in a 90-day clinical investigation.


Avg. new hairs


Improved hair density


Improved hair thickness


Hair loss reduction

How does it work?

The Hair Growth Kit couples a natural, active hair growth product with a new generation of micro-needling technology:

What is it?

The Hair Growth Serum has been shown to awaken dormant follicles and keep them from proceeding to the hair loss stage. Our patented Triple Complex™, which targets hair growth, thickness, and strength with a combination of three active ingredients in a special formulation, has a tremendous effect on hair growth.

The Triple Complex

These three active components make up The Triple ComplexTM.


By causing the hair follicles to shrink, DHT prevents hair growth. Horsetail can inhibit DHT and stimulate hair growth.

Saw Palmetto

Resets the hair bulb and creates the ideal environment for hair growth to restore hair growth.

Centella Reversa

Acts as a potent antioxidant, accelerating the regeneration process of each follicle after using the Hair Roller.

The Growth Guarantee

Growth Guarantee

Our Hair Growth Kit has our full trust. Sufficient trust to provide you with a Growth Guarantee.

Step 1: Use the Hair Growth Kit for a minimum of 90 days

Step 2: Remember to take monthly photos to track your progress

Step 3: You haven't achieved any results? Click “Claim guarantee” and wait for an email confirmation

Step 4: Return your products and get your money back

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