Return and Delivery Process

Withdrawal Rights

In long distance sales agreements relating to the sale of goods, the consumer is entitled to withdraw the agreement by canceling the order without needing a reason and without incurring legal and criminal liability within 14 days of delivery. For long distance sales agreements involving delivery, this period starts on the date of the signing of the contract. If the agreement stipulates that services must be carried out within 14 days, the consumer can use the right of withdrawal from the date of execution. The costs incurred from using the right of withdrawal must be covered by the seller or supplier.

Agreements related to online services that involve goods delivered instantly to consumers are not subjected to the same provisions regarding the right of withdrawal. The consumer reserves the right to withdraw even if the goods are delivered to someone other than the person who is a party to this agreement. Under these conditions, the seller receives the goods from a third person as pursuant to Article 9.4.

The right to withdraw does not apply to the products made to order or clearly customized through adjustments or additions in line with the consumer’s special requests and demands. The customer can not exercise the right of withdrawal for products which by their nature cannot be returned or are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly.

If one of either Articles 6 or 7 are not satisfied, the seller or supplier shall compensate for the deficiency within thirty days at the latest. In such cases, the seven day period starts when the consumer receives written notification of the compensation.

If the user takes advantage of the right to withdraw, and the order is paid for partially or wholly by the seller or supplier, or there exists a loan agreement between the supplier and the creditor, the loan agreement shall terminate automatically without incurring any liability to pay indemnity or a penal obligation. Notification of withdrawal should be communicated to the creditor in writing.

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