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Protect your hair against weather conditions

We always forget that we leave our hair vulnerable to weather conditions. We know that the sun dries the hair follicles, but the wind and rain also cause our hair to become dehydrated and thus, the hair easily becomes electrified.

In such cases, we can use nourishing serums to protect our hair. Almond Hair

Pay attention to the temperature of water

Taking a shower with very hot water will also damage the hair roots and hair ends. Washing hair by massaging gently under warm water is known to prevent hair breaks and fractures. Almond Hair

Choosing the Right Shampoo

When choosing a shampoo, remember that you must first choose the product that fits your needs. The way to healthy hair also passes through products with healthy content. Make sure to use the products containing herbal extracts when choosing a shampoo. Almond Hair

Hair dryer and hair styling tools

Hair dryers and hair styling tools that we use to get the desired shape we want can cause breakage, fractures, and burns because they contact our hair at high temperatures. Be careful not to use hair styling tools that operate at high temperatures. When using a hair dryer, dissipate heat by holding it at a long distance from your hair. Before using hair styling tools, always use care serum to protect your hair. Almond Hair

Use of Towels

Wrapping your hair in a towel after the shower to soak up the moisture causes your hair to break and become electrified.  You can use organic thin cotton hair towels instead of the thick towels you use to dry your hair. Instead of wrapping your hair in a towel, you can massage the hair to remove moisture.

Don’t let your hair lose its moisture

Hair faces many environmental factors during the day. Cigarette smoke, dirty weather conditions and the daily stress of living in the metropolitan city affect our faces as well as how our hair looks. When all these factors come together, our hairs become dry and begin to look dull. Therefore, use oils and creams that moisturize your hair after the shower and/or during the day.

Pay attention to the frequency of washing your hair

Washing the hair every day with shampoo dries the hair follicles and scalp. Your hair follicles need the sebum secreted naturally by the body to be healthy. The hair that is washed every day starts to dry since this process of sebum secretion and maintaining the moisture balance in the hair is constantly exposed to external intervention and excessive water. We recommend you to break your frequent hair washing habit, which also leads to thinning of the hair. For healthy hair, it is enough to wash your hair 3 days a week. Almond Hair

Take care of your diet

A diet rich in vegetables and greens with shades leading to green and red and healthy fats such as Omega 3 ensures natural shine and vitality. Remember that the food you consume affects your appearance. The protein you get from both meat and pulses, as well as vegetables, is the golden rule for your hair to be completely healthy.

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