What causes hair loss in women and how to prevent it?

Regardless of whether it is long or short term, women also experience hair loss like men. The hair may start to become thinner or the hair parting line may expand day by day. In fact, the top of the head may begin to open or thin due to hair loss. So, what causes hair loss in women and is it possible to prevent it? Now, do you want to take a closer look at the hair loss? Almond Hair

What causes hair loss in women?

DHT, a derivative of the male hormone testosterone, is the main enemy of hair follicles. Under certain conditions, DHT kills the hair strands and thus, leads to hair loss. The difference between the hair loss seen in women and men is that in women, the hair parting line starts to expand and the hairs on the top of the head become thinner. In other words, women lose hair from these areas rather than the receding of hairline in men.

How much hair loss is considered normal?

Every person loses an average of 50-100 strands of hair per day and this is normal. So, when you look at your comb or clothes and see a bunch of lost hair, it is normal. However, if you feel weakness in the strands and you think the amount of loss is excessive, it is time to start taking precautions. Almond Hair

Possible causes of hair loss in women

There are many reasons for female pattern hair loss. Those who wonder how to prevent hair loss  should take a look at these items: However, if we need to mention the main reasons, the following 6 reasons should be considered. Almond Hair


Fifty percent of women who are close to 50 years of age, may usually experience hair loss problem. In fact, this situation may become more intense after entering the menopause period. Hormones support the growth of hair, as the estrogen hormone begins to reduce, hair begins to change. Hormones support the growth of hair, as the estrogen hormone is beginning to reduce, hair is beginning to change. Almond Hair

Various diseases

Thyroid disease, diabetes, and anemia can also cause sudden hair loss. Furthermore, medications used for polycystic ovary syndrome and cancer also cause hair loss.

Stress, trauma

The amount of hair loss may increase after a stressful or traumatic event.


Hair loss problem may occur after pregnancy. This can happen when the hormones are trying to reach normal levels, after giving birth. However, if you are experiencing an excessive amount of hair loss, you should start taking precautions. Almond Hair

Dietary Habits

Sudden weight loss due to dietary habits may also cause you to lose your hair. When the body cannot get enough nutrients it needs, it transmits them only to vital organs such as the heart and brain. In this case, the nutrient does not reach the hair and hair loss problem occurs. Therefore, following a diet consisting of protein, iron, vitamin D and calcium-containing foods is essential!

Rough Handling

Pulling your hair too tight in a bun or ponytail or wearing it in cornrows or braids can put stress on the hair. Furthermore, hair styling tools, permanent waves, and Brazilian blow dry also damages the hair. This rough handling will, unfortunately, return you as hair loss… Almond Hair

How to prevent hair loss in women? 

We seem to hear you saying that ‘what kind of hair care can I apply for my shedding hair’! With the supplements recommended by the doctors that can support the hair regeneration, the hair can regain its former health! These supplements can be listed as follows:

– Use Serum: You should use Almond Hair care serum that helps to strengthen the bond between hair and scalp and that contain ingredients such as Aminexil and Octeine, which strengthen the hair follicles, every day.

– Massage Your Hair: After using the serum, you can often massage your scalp gently to accelerate blood circulation. Almond Hair

Thus, you will see the results very soon; your hair will become healthier and stronger than before and will start to grow again.

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